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Real Estate Link is an online marketplace for matching buyers and sellers to conduct real estate transactions. This is a web base for the consumer selling, buying, and leasing their property. Sellers and buyers will register through the website. The site will allow sellers to post their properties for marketing purposes and will match potential buyers with the property owners.

How It Works

Experience a simpler way to buy or sell your property hassle free on your own terms.

  • Step 1


    For buyer: tell us more about your buying criteria.

    For Sell: Post your property with the most detail as possible.

  • Step 2

    Post Property

    The platform will match the potential buyers for your property and notify the buyer for the matched property.

  • Step 3

    Match Buyer to Property

    The platform will match all the potential buyers to the property sellers. Buyer and Seller communicate and negotiate on their property.

  • Step 4

    Sold Property

    Once offer is agreeable and due diligences are satisfied. The transaction will be closed at the local title company or attorney office.

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$ 99 3/Month

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Number of photos: 20/property

Customer Support: $123/Hour


  • Buyer notification
  • Selling Forms and Disclosures
  • Secure Digital Document Storage
  • Referred Title and Escrow
  • Manage Your Listing 24/7
  • Property Evaluation (Unlimited)

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